Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to my reading list!

There are 3 things in my life that I am quite passionate about:

  1. My family
  2. Strengthening and supporting families (in general)
  3. Reading (novels, non-fiction, children’s books, gospel study…)
In recent months my passion for reading has taken the back burner behind other responsibilities and activities: busy mama, loving wife, Primary organizer, piano teacher, blogger extraordinaire...

But I have been missing books! There is more to read than blogs! I longingly dream of the days before I had children when I could wake up on Saturday morning, eat breakfast, then head back to bed for a few hours with a good book. That memory will likely stay a fantasy for some years to come, but in the meantime I'm becoming intentional about my reading habits so I can again join the conversations centered on "What are you reading now?".

For 2009 I have a new game plan when it comes to reading. This blog is my way of keeping track of my goals and sharing it with you.

Some regular features you’ll notice here:
  • Scripture of the Week-specific to my family
  • My Gospel Study-highlights of the month
  • Recently Read-whatever I finish (you can also check out my goodreads list on the sidebar)
  • Children’s Book lists –because I spend a lot of time researching and reading children’s literature
  • Quotables—the reminder of the value of a good book and a comfy chair is a good thing
Consider this a sub-page of the Nurture Mama blog, where now I have free reign to share all of my literary pursuits. So stop over to visit, see what I’m reading, share your great reads with me, and then go curl up in a comfy chair with a book of your own. That’s what I’ll be doing!